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The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane

The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane

Water all around us expands on designing for the hot and wet equator – a region where temperatures average above 27 degrees C, humidity levels exceed 75% and annual rainfall exceeds one metre or more in aggregate. Perennially pregnant with humidity and water vapor, and the gloss of seasonal monsoons over landscapes, the air is a thick medium that imbibes a spatial quality a physical presence that impacts design. A series of projects showcase how architecture then becomes a filter for the atmosphere – one that engages with it rather than replacing atmosphere with temperate, conditioned air.  The projects advocate the need to reclaim architectural agency in productive, poetic and experiential ways to deal with the challenges of the saturated, densifying urban equator and the water all around us.


March 13, 2020 8:30am

State Library of Queensland

Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland